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January 2015

Health Reference Disk - International drug information for pharmacists, medical practitioners and informed consumers, free for use.

About HRD
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HRD Australia was since 1995, published an installable CD and now in 2013 we additionally offer HRD - International for all modern desktop, tablet and phone devices. This version utilises internet delivery without any software installation requirement.
The HRD - International edition herein includes brand name drugs from 160+ countries together with recognised 'international' named drugs. This service is now multi-language, being currently; Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian (Kymer), Laotian, Philipines (Tagalog), Indonesian, Spanish, French and English (the primary source). Over 180,000 drugs named by country, to assist disambiguation are available. All brand/trade drugs are linked to the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification registered molecular/generic name(s) and peer reviewed molecular monograph. A medical condition search provides the selected condition monograph and molecular drug name acceptably used for that condition. The monograph contains all the brand names for the selected country.
HRD - Disclaimer
The information contained in HRD is intended to supplement the knowledge of pharmacists and other health care professionals regarding drug and related patient therapy. The information is advisory, and is not intended to replace sound clinical judgement in the delivery of health care.
The information is derived from medical and pharmaceutical literature and is subject to review and approval by the respective copyright owner.
ImageWare Technologies Pty Ltd disclaims any warranties, whether express or implied, including any warranty as to the quality, accuracy, or suitability of this information for any particular purpose.
The program is protected by copyright. Use of HRD is restricted to the terms of the License Agreement. Any use beyond the terms of the License Agreement or unauthorised use of copyright material will be subject to legal action.
About HRD-International
Beta copy for demonstration and promotional use only.
Contact : Medical Division
ImageWare Technologies Pty Ltd
127 High Street, Glen Iris VIC 3146
Telephone +61 3 9886 0080, Email
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HRD - International
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HRD - For Pharmacists
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HRD - For Pharmacists
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HRD - For Pharmacists

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HRD - For Pharmacists
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For Pharmacists and Medical Professionals Join the HRD - International membership for fun and business promotions
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  • Free Pharmacy POS (Point of Sale)
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    • Pharmacy stock descriptions pre-loaded for your country
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    • App for iPad, Android tablet, Win7 or Win8 desktop
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    • Available April 2015
  • HRD - International share lottery for members
      Rules and Conditions (Abbreviated) :
    • Lottery tickets are purchased at the discretion of HRD -International owners for weekly entry to the lottery Australian Saturday TattsLotto
    • There is currently no fee for membership to HRD - International, members must be pharmacists or health professionals in any country
    • 75% of HRD - International lottery winnings are distributed equally to a maximum of Aus$1000 per bona fide, current member. A bona fide member must be registered by joining HRD - International membership more than 7 days prior to any winning draw date. HRD - International membership and registration expires after six months and must be renewed. Please use the 'Join or ReRegister' button on for new and re-registration. Only a single registration is permitted for any individual at any time. Bona fide members will be contacted soley via registration email address and must provide a PayPal bank account for receipt of payment or receive an Australian Banking Cheque in Australian dollars. Payment made in any non Australian currency will have exchange rate and banking fees debited. Members are notified of any winnings and must respond with registration and bank details within 10 days.
    • The owners of HRD - International soley will arbitrate any condition or payment dispute to members and that decision is final. Winnings will only be declared and payment made upon receipt of payment from the lottery organisation
    • HRD - International invites participation from pharmacists in all countries, however your local juristriction laws might preclude participation in the HRD - International share lottery
    • The current HRD - International ticket - Good Luck!
  • Share your pharmacy knowledge and local perspective with others
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